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At Prosperity Financial Planning, we offer a wide array of financial services which you can select à la carte according to your specific needs. However, our services are designed to be integrated, enabling our team to provide truly comprehensive wealth management services to our clients nationwide. When you come to Prosperity Financial Planning, you’ll find a team of knowledgeable, compassionate and experienced financial professionals ready to help you plan for and pursue the life and retirement you desire.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is a holistic service designed to help you coordinate every financial aspect of your life for the short, intermediate, and long term. Your personal financial planner will work with you to learn your needs, goals, and objectives, your current financial status, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Then, they’ll design a highly personalized financial plan to help you pursue those goals within your timeline. As we aim to be a lifelong partner in your financial journey, we’ll also guide you through the implementation of your plan, consistently monitoring your progress and making adjustments to your plan and strategies as new challenges and opportunities arise throughout your lifetime.

Wealth Management

Here at Prosperity Financial Planning, we take our role as fiduciaries to heart, always putting our clients’ best interest first, and as an independent firm, we’ll only ever recommend the products and strategies which we believe to be the best fit for you and your situation. Our experienced wealth managers develop custom strategies based on your goals, timeline, and appetite for risk. We conduct due diligence with access to academic market research and implement your strategies using leading industry tools and a wide variety of products. We’ll consistently monitor your progress to help you maintain a balanced portfolio as we work toward your goals.

Retirement Planning

Whether you’re just starting out, approaching a stage where work is optional, or are already living in retirement, our highly educated and experienced retirement planning specialists can help you plan and gain the confidence to live the kind of life you want in retirement. Using our retirement strategies, we’ll use time-based segmented investments to align your asset allocation according to when the assets will need to be spent. Essentially, this strategy is designed to provide consistent income all throughout your retirement, so you can live and spend confidently.

Tax Planning Strategies

Through our effective tax planning strategies, we’ll help you keep more of what you earn. Our tax planning specialists will help you identify areas of additional tax savings and the most appropriate tax strategies for your situation. We’ll coordinate with your CPA or tax preparer to help ensure that your custom tax strategy is implemented as planned. We’ll also review your tax situation on a yearly basis to make any necessary adjustments based on the latest tax laws and your changing circumstances.

Insurance and Protection

You've worked hard to get where you are today, so protecting yourself, your loved ones and your future should be a top priority. An effective insurance strategy can help protect you, and your loved ones, from the possible financial devastation that life’s unexpected and unfortunate events can bring. Our experienced advisors can help you evaluate your risks and find the most appropriate coverage for your needs and circumstances. We can identify and broker comprehensive personal and commercial solutions for a term, a whole, a universal amount, long-term care insurance, and more. Let us help you protect what's important to you.

College Planning

Education, especially post-secondary education is expensive, but investing in your child's future through education can pay off considerably in terms of the opportunities it can afford them. We can assist you in projecting future costs and setting specific goals for your college savings fund. Our experienced financial planners can also help you select the most appropriate college saving and investing options, including 529 college savings accounts.

Divorce Planning

If you’re facing or preparing for a divorce, we can help you address the special financial considerations surrounding divorce — with data that can help shape equitable settlements. We’ll serve as a trusted, experienced guide to help prepare you for the conversations and negotiations surrounding your finances. We’ll also work closely with you and your legal counsel throughout the process, providing key case preparations, analysis, and case exhibits. Let us help you effectively pursue the most favorable and financially equitable divorce settlement possible.

Estate and Legacy Planning

Estate planning is an important part of any financial strategy. The estate planning specialists at Prosperity Financial Planning can help you develop an effective plan or update your existing estate plan in order to protect your loved ones and your legacy. Not only will an effective estate plan ensure your final wishes are carried out, but it will also help shield your family from unnecessary financial and administrative burdens. We’ll work closely with your legal and tax representatives to oversee the implementation of your plans, and we’ll regularly update your plans to keep them current with your changing needs and circumstances.

Retirement Plan Consulting

Sponsoring your company’s 401(k) or 403(b) plans can help you attract and retain top talent, but planning and administering these programs can be taxing and risky. Prosperity Financial Planning works with business owners to review or design, administer and maintain your qualified plans, as well as provide group and individualized guidance for plan participants. When we manage your company’s retirement plan, we also take on the fiduciary role, conducting due diligence and plan testing, and effectively alleviating your risk exposure as a plan sponsor. Let us take plan management off your plate, so you can make room for more important things.

Our Approach

Our integrated approach to wealth management and retirement planning is designed to draw our your unique financial goals and help you seamlessly pursue each one within your time frame.

Our Approach

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