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Guiding You with Integrity & Service

Prosperity Financial Planning is an independent services firm composed of a team of experienced, educated financial professionals from a variety of backgrounds, with varying professional qualifications and areas of specialty. Our deep bench boasts of versatility, experience and collaboration which enable us to deliver truly personalized, integrated and comprehensive financial solutions for life. But perhaps what truly sets us apart is our posture of integrity and service. As fiduciaries, we will always act in our clients’ best interests, and as individuals, we find great fulfillment when we’re able to help our clients realize their personal and financial goals. Without fail, we act with integrity, and we work with a heart of service. This is what you can expect from us. Day in and day out. Year after year.

Attentive & Educational Financial Planning

Attentive & Educational Financial Planning

Over the years, we’ve learned a good deal about financial planning and how to effectively navigate an ever-changing financial landscape and a volatile market. We are educated, qualified, experienced professionals who are not only passionate about serving but also educating our clients. At Prosperity Financial Planning, you’ll have access to a wealth of information and the help of an experienced guide who will help you plan confidently for the future and retirement you desire.

Integrated Teamwork. Better Solutions.

Integrated Teamwork. Better Solutions.

Your financial challenges and opportunities are not static, nor are they simple or one-dimensional. The decisions you face are multifaceted and complex in nature. And this is why at Prosperity Financial Planning, we leverage our entire team’s depth, versatility and extensive experience to serve your unique needs. We work together to develop truly personalized, comprehensive solutions to help you pursue your financial goals for today and tomorrow.

Generational Planning

Generational Planning

We understand how important generational planning is. As your family dynamics change, it’s important to start planning for the financial future of the individuals, couples, or families that come down the road. Financial security is important, especially when it comes to those you love. As you continue to grow your personal wealth, we're here to ensure that your family is secure.

A Client-Centered Approach

A Client-Centered Approach

We strive to put our clients' needs first. We take the time to get to know each individual client and their specific needs so that we can provide customized financial advice and solutions that meet their unique goals and objectives. We strive to provide the highest quality of service, and it is our mission to ensure that our clients feel comfortable, secure, and confident in their financial decisions for generations to come.

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Our Core Values


We recognize people as individuals beyond their investment portfolios. We holistically assess your financial standing and the factors which influence it to help you take better control of your financial life and legacy.

Attentive Education

We do a deep dive to help you understand everything from spending habits to income sources and all the complex topics in between. This knowledge brings confidence around your goals and your plan to reach them.

Needs-Based Solutions

We answer to clients and clients alone. As fiduciaries, we have the freedom to choose best-fit solutions. We’re focused on optimal strategies and on solutions which are based on your specific and unique needs.

Lifelong Relationships

We’re deeply committed to our clients. They count on us to be a trusted, dependable and reliable partner in their lives. We deliver a partnership that goes beyond finance to offer support for all life’s stages.

Our Financial Partners

Parent Company: Cetera Advisors LLC

Our Custodian: Pershing

Our Services

We offer a wide range of financial and retirement planning, wealth & investment management services, all designed to integrate into seamless, comprehensive financial solutions for life.

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Our Approach

Our integrated approach to wealth management and retirement planning is designed to draw our your unique financial goals and help you seamlessly pursue each one within your time frame.

Our Approach

Our Team

Prosperity Financial Planning boasts a versatile team of experienced, educated and genuinely caring financial advisors and planners. Let us help you pursue your financial and retirement goals.

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