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Our Comprehensive Process

Personalized Planning to Reach Your Goals

At Prosperity Financial Planning, we’ve developed a comprehensive process for financial planning and wealth management to help position you to achieve your goals. We begin with helping you gain a better understanding of your current financial position, then help you design and implement an effective, dynamic investment strategy and financial plan to grow your wealth so you can pursue your goals and retire the way you’ve always wanted. Although our tried and true process is well-established, you’ll find your experience is highly customized and personable.

Stage 1: Effective Goal Planning

Effective goal planning is essential to our process and forms the basis of all we’ll do together. We'll look at your financial and personal aspirations in order to identify key milestones and create a clear time frame to pursue your goals. We’ll also help you clarify and prioritize those goals according to importance and timeline.

Stage 2: In-Depth Discovery

In order to serve you well, we’ll need to know key details about you and your current financial circumstances. At this stage of our process, we’ll collect all the essential information to get a clear picture of where you are today in order to create an effective financial and retirement plan.

Stage 3: Thorough, Professional Analysis

At Prosperity Financial Planning, our team is highly educated and experienced. We’ll leverage the diverse capabilities of our staff to thoroughly analyze the information you share with us. By digging deep into the data, we’ll determine what you need to do in order to pursue your established milestones and goals.

Stage 4: Guided Implementation

Based on our professional analysis, we’ll help you design a personalized roadmap for pursuing your goals. We may implement many of these recommendations directly, but in some instances we may provide close guidance as you work with other financial professionals, like your CPA or legal representative, to implement your comprehensive financial plan.

Stage 5: Partnership & Review

Our process doesn’t end when we deliver our recommendations for your financial plan. We aim to be lifelong, trusted partners. As such, we’ll monitor your progress to see whether financial goals are met within the designated timeframe and, when necessary, recommend adjustments or new tactics to better position you to pursue your goals all throughout your financial journey.

Our Approach

Our integrated approach to wealth management and retirement planning is designed to draw our your unique financial goals and help you seamlessly pursue each one within your time frame.

Our Approach

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Prosperity Financial Planning boasts a versatile team of experienced, educated and genuinely caring financial advisors and planners. Let us help you pursue your financial and retirement goals.

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